$99.00 USD

Algebra Prep

Uniquely designed to build a strong foundation in preparation for Algebra.

What you'll get:

  • Welcome session for parents and students
  • Video lesson for each session
  • Downloadable/Printable Practice Worksheets for each session
  • Review Worksheet covering all sessions
  • Parent Information Section (including answer keys)
  • Access to Mrs. Box if you or your student have any questions along the way
  • 15-months of course access

During the course, students will work their way through a series of self-paced video sessions and practice worksheets covering key pre-Algebra skills needed for success in Algebra I.

The course will start with a review of important math concepts like factors, multiples, and exponents.  Then move on to cover such topics as order of operations, prime factorization, positive and negative numbers, recognizing like terms, solving for variables, simplifying equations, distributive property, and much more.

Each session will be progressive, gradually building on the concepts learned in the previous sessions.  Worksheets (and an answer key) will be provided for practice in between sessions. Mrs. Box is happily available to answer any questions you or your students have along the way.

If you plan to pay with Charter Funds, please email Mrs. Box directly to make arrangements.